Cascade Polo Club: More Than a Game on Fast Horses

For the Community:
Cascade Polo Club is exposing the fast-paced, colorful and exciting game of polo to Central Oregon. Often referred to as “the King of Games,”  polo combines expert horsemanship, team strategy and game tactics, with daring and hard-hitting play — while boldly galloping across a 15-acre turf field chasing a small white ball and swinging a 4-foot long bamboo mallet.

Polo is a fantastic venue for fundraisers and other community events, done in our own “Polo in the Country” style: outdoors on a carpet of grass, with space for tented catered events and family picnics simultaneously. Each of Cascade Polo Club’s summer matches — Chukkers for Charity — are fundraisers for local not-for-profit organizations and opportunities for community sponsorships.

Cascade Polo Club Matches. photos by Lynn Woodward

For the Polo Players:
Top-level tournament play on one of the finest polo fields in the Northwest is a big draw to the established players in the country. As a member of the United States Polo Association, Cascade Polo Club hosts one USPA-sponsored tournament yearly. As a spectator, you will come to know the Northwest’s polo players and their horses by name, silhouette and playing style, rooting for your favorites.

For Local Riders:
Cascade Polo Club has established a Polo School to provide polo lessons for local recreational riders. We stress fun and safety in our school, an it is open to all ages. All aspects of the game are presented, from swing mechanics to game rules and tactics, to the care and training of the horse. One need not be an expert with horses to learn how to play polo, and, as many have learned, polo is fun even at a walk! The training center serves Pony Club, Interscholastic and Intercollegiate students throughout the Northwest. It is a challenging and fun way to explore, expand and extend the love and bond with your horse.