Polo School

Polo School students, with instructor Dan (standing, left) 2012. (click on photos to view larger)

The aim of our Polo School is to introduce the equestrian community to the game of polo in a fun, safe, and thorough manner. All aspects of the game are covered from tactics, strategy, and rules, to horsemanship, swing mechanics and necessary tack.

We meet each Tuesday, with the beginners (B group) at 3pm, and the advanced (A group) at 5pm. Each Polo School runs for a month of  Tuesdays during the summer months, and safe, proven horses are provided.  In addition we will be adding a Thursday night scrimmage for our more advanced students.


Equal time is spent on table-talk sessions, hitting cage, and on field coaching. At the end of each month of the School, students are engaged in a low-speed scrimmage. The head instructor, Dan Harrison, DVM, former 4-goal player and USPA member for 37 years, has more than three decades of experience playing and teaching polo and offers a step-by-step approach to the game.

The hitting cage.

Through association with the United States Polo Association, (U.S.P.A.), clinics can be arranged to offer Pony Clubs Member groups an opportunity to learn the basics of this great sport.

Please email Dan with any questions regarding our POLO School program: poloschool@cascadepoloclub.com

             2013   Polo School schedule:
June 1: Field opens
June 4: Polo School begins, and continues every Tuesday of June
June 29: Polo School Scrimmage
July 2: Polo School begins, every Tuesday of July
July 27: Polo School Scrimmage Game
Aug 6: Polo School begins, every Tuesday of August
Aug 31: Polo School Scrimmage Game
Sept 3: Polo School begins, every Wednesday of September
Sept 28: Polo School Scrimmage Game
Sept 30: Field closes

polo school field

How about that field!?